Stockholm is the Venice of the north it is often said!

Planning your Vacation in Stockholm for 2015?

Stockholm is the Venice of the north it is often said!

The city is surrounded by water and an Archipelago that is breathtakingly beautiful……

Sandön Stockholm Archipelago.
Sandön Stockholm Archipelago.

The cruising waters that surround Stockholm offers a relaxing almost surreal setting while sitting on Flybridge watching centuries of Architecture and Islands with your friends and Family.

There is no better place to relax and find inspiration than onboard M/Y Malarprinsessan.

A floating hotel with full service and a your choice of destinations.

Imagine your self sipping a glas of crisp cold Sancerre with Avocado Blinis served with Lobster tail and cream fraiche, topped with sevruga Caviar……

Onboard a Yacht in the Archipelago is where you find peace of mind and tranquility

Anchor outside some secluded Island and swim in the ocean.

A day onboard a Private Yacht.
A day onboard a Private Yacht.

The conversation is nature at its best with friends in a setting that only a few have the chance to enjoy!

Have your company annual inspiration meeting onboard , in a private setting where the mind is undisturbed by mobile phones and city noice!

The Yacht M/Y Malarprinsessan is the optimal choice for a weekend cruise while visiting Stockholm.


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