A cruise in Stockholm can be eventful with chances of foreign Submarines

”A cruise on a Yacht  in Stockholm Archipelago has shown to be most interesting with romance and almost  a spy like James bond excitement”

Recently a relentless Submarine hunt has taken place in Stockholm Archipelago!

What better way can you enjoy such a existing event! than on a Yacht with some traditional Swedish food and some Aquavit.

The many inlets and old fishing harbours with its own history where we even has so called ”Roddar Madamara”= ” Rowing Arma ladies ”


Rowing Ladies Stockholm.
Rowing Ladies Stockholm.

In Stockholm they represented a profession until the mid- 1800s. ” Rowing Arma ladies ” could be married or unmarried women, who ran a sort of sea taxi in the archipelagos and port traffic between the various islands of Stockholm. It was here that a high demand for sea transport of Lake MÃlaren and Salt Lake , mostly to and from the Old Town.

Rowers and rodderskor did not just local traffic in the vicinity of Stockholm.

According to a tariff of 1788 was the charge for the trip to Dillsboro or Djurhamn 1 Riksdaler and 24 shillings , to Sandhamn , Ãlvsnabben or Rural Area 3 dollars.


We welcome you to Stockholm!


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